Volunteer to Be a Campus Safety Escort or Dispatcher

UCR Women's Resource Center - Volunteer Campus Escort

The Campus Safety Escort Service is a campus organization staffed by student volunteers who serve as dispatchers, cart drivers or safety escorts. Dispatchers or cart drivers are responsible for incoming calls for safety escorts and for managing their team. Safety escorts are on duty throughout campus, ready to walk anyone to their car, residence hall, apartment or campus building. Complete the online application if you're interested in volunteering.

Volunteer applicants must:
  1. Commit to serving two hours per week until the end of each quarter, including finals week. An incentive award is offered for working an entire quarter without missing a day.
  2. Apply online and provide two references from non-relatives.
  3. Sign up for an interview with the Campus Safety Escort Service coordinator.

Prior experience is not necessary. If selected, applicants will undergo a combination of classroom and field training.


Mission Statement

The Campus Safety Escort Service (CSES) at the University of California, Riverside ensures the safety of students, faculty and staff by walking them to their destination.

Contact the CSES

Staff Advisor
Romanie Arterberry
(951) 827-3337
Student Coordinators
(951) 827-3337
(951) 827-3772 during CSES operating hours (Sunday–Thursday, dark to 11:30pm)