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The Women's Resource Center (WRC) is excited to produce the Persist and Feminist Fridays podcasts as a way to support and empower women and the entire UCR community. If you enjoy these podcasts and would like to see them continue, please like, subscribe, share — even review — so that we can expand their reach and influence. If you have feedback or topics you would like us to discuss on a future episode, please let us know at wrc@ucr.edu


Persist Podcast

Persist Podcast

Conversations with change-makers and game-changers, the Persist Podcast features people who are re-defining, trail-blazing, diversifying the dais, and impacting every aspect of the political arena. From elected officials to community activists, to non-profits, labor unions, and advocacy organizations, the Persist Podcast aims to inspire listeners to connect with and get involved in politics at every level.

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Episode 1 Transcript

Feminist Fridays Podcast

Feminist Fridays Podcast

An evolution of our on-campus Feminist Fridays programs, the Feminist Fridays podcast is all about diving deep into the intersection of feminism and culture. Join us as we elevate conversations around relationships, career navigation, and fashion too. The Feminist Fridays podcast has a little something for everyone.

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Episode 1

Cottagecore & Y2K Fashion – Explore fashion and aesthetics as it relates to women, queer culture, and BIPOC.

Episode 2

Friendships in the Time of Covid – All about love languages and how they impact our non-romantic relationships during quarantine.

Episode 3

Why Are Women Called Bossy Instead of Leaders? – We’re unpacking navigating graduation and job searches as a recent grad during the pandemic and recession that has impacted women disproportionately.

Episode 4

Body Politics, Breast Cancer, BRCA Gene and Reconstruction – This special edition of the pod features members of SoCal Breasties sharing their stories and encouraging folks to #feelitonthefirst

Episode 5

Leadership Styles – On our last episode of season one we’re talking about leadership styles through a feminist lens!