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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure that the Campus Safety Escort Service is safe?

All safety escorts go through a background check and interview process. Once the safety escort is hired, they are trained on how to properly escort someone and what to do in dangerous situations. A CSES coordinator monitors each shift.

How can I tell the difference between a safety escort and a regular student on campus?

Campus safety escorts are required to wear a bright yellow uniform shirt that has the University seal on the front and “UC Riverside Escort Service” on the back. Each safety escort also wears a photo identification badge with a sticker indicating the current quarter and year.

How do I use the red telephones?

Just pick up the phone and wait for the dispatcher to answer (usually after the second ring).

Can women be safety escorts?

Yes! Women can volunteer for the CSES. Women have the option of escorting people with another safety escort or on their own. However, female safety escorts may not escort male students. The safety of the safety escort should never be compromised.

Do you get paid for being a safety escort?

No, the CSES is a volunteer-based organization.

What positions are available?

There are dispatcher and safety escort positions available. Dispatchers are responsible for incoming calls for safety escorts and for managing their team. Safety escorts are on duty throughout campus, ready to walk anyone to their car, residence hall, apartment or campus building.

How many hours are safety escorts required to serve?

Safety escorts are required to serve two hours per week until the end of each quarter, including finals week. Safety escorts are allowed to serve a maximum of six hours per week. An incentive award is available for volunteers who work an entire quarter without missing any days.

Can I be escorted to campus?

Yes, as long as your starting location is on campus-owned property such as apartments, residence halls and parking lots. To request a safety escort, call 951-827-3772.

Where do you escort to and from?

Our boundaries cover university properties. This includes University Village, Stone Haven, Sterling and all campus parking lots.


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