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Campus Safety Escort Service 

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The Campus Safety Escort Service at the University of California, Riverside ensures the safety of students, faculty and staff by walking them to their destination.


The UCR Campus Safety Escort Service (CSES) began during the 1974-75 academic year, with the help of Mr. Randy Yates and other residents from the Aberdeen-Inverness Residence Hall. Out of concern for the safety of others following a campus assault, Mr. Yates began walking his friends across campus at night.This gesture sparkedthe larger, organizedgroup effort that eventually became the CSES.

Two years later, the CSES was placed under the direction of the Women’s Resource Center. The safety escort desk was set up in the main lobby of the Tomás Rivera Library where it currently operates.

The CSES was originally equipped with just a telephone and an answering machine. Since then, multiple red telephones have been installed near the exits and lobbies of most campus buildings. These telephones allow callers to have a direct line to the CSES desk, eliminating the need to find a campus telephone at night.

sdDuring the 1995-96 academic year, we added the dispatch program. The dispatch program allows the CSES desk and telephone to be attended at all times so that people can always reach a campus safety escort when they need one. The dispatcher also coordinates safety escorts “in the field,” which saves times and allows safety escorts to assist people without coming back to the desk.

The CSES received the Bayless Leadership Award from 1997-2000 and again in 2004.

Staff Advisor
Romanie Arterberry

Student Coordinators
951-827-3772 during CSES operating hours

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