Frequently Asked Questions 

Freq Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does the Women’s Resource Center do?

The Women’s Resource Center provides educational programming, study space and resources, sexual assault and domestic/relationship advocacy, leadership opportunities, special events and safety support services for women and all members of the UCR community.

Where is the Women’s Resource Center located?

You can find the Women’s Resource Center at:

UC Riverside
260 Costo Hall
Riverside, CA 92521

What is the difference between the Women’s Resource Center and Gender and Sexuality Studies?

The Women’s Resource Center is a part of Student Affairs and offers educational programming and advocacy, while Gender and Sexuality Studies is an academic department offering academic courses and degrees. Both work to address issues concerning women and gender.

Is the Women’s Resource Center just for women?

People of all genders are welcome to engage in and access our programs and services . Our open-door policy allows all students to get involved , access resources and support our efforts.

How can I contribute to the Women’s Resource Center’s efforts?

See our Getting Involved page for the many ways you can contribute, from volunteering your time and talents to informing the center of gender-oriented organizations and events.
You can also help the Women’s Resource Center with a tax-deductible gift. Your donation truly makes a difference and the center greatly appreciates its supporters and friends.

How can I schedule an appointment to meet with a Women’s Resource Center representative?

To make an appointment or meet with our staff, please call 951-827-3337 or drop by the center at 260 Costo Hall and a front-desk staff member will assist you.

How can I partner with the Women’s Resource Center to put on an event or have the center participate in my event?

The center cosponsors activities with student groups and other organizations as long as it supports the center’s mission. If you want to partner with us on an existing project or invite us to partner with yours, simply contact us to discuss the possibilities.

I’m a student in crisis, who do I contact?

Dial 911 or UCR Police at 951-827-5222 in an emergency. For further crisis support, contact us or use our Getting Help page to connect with additional resources.

What are some of the programs men can help with or use?

Men can participate in all of our programs and services. Men can also volunteer for the Campus Safety Escort Service or our peer education program SAVE. Because men can be victims of sexual assault and domestic/relationship violence, they should consider the Women's Resource Center a safe place for getting help.

Does the Campus Safety Escort Service cost money?

The Campus Safety Escort Service is totally free.

Does the Women’s Resource Center have jobs or internships?

We offer an internship. See our Internships page for more details.

Do you have a peer education program?

We do! Our SAVE (Sexual Assault and Violence Education) peer group is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students (men and women) trained in sexual assault education. SAVE helps campus groups and students build skills needed to respond to, prevent and end sexual assault and violence for good. Learn more about SAVE.

How can I find out about your upcoming programs and events?

Find out about all upcoming programs and events at our Events page. There you can add our Google calendar to yours. You can also like us on Facebook to get updates on events or sign up for updates via email.

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